Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Volume 1 Issue 3 Released

Volume 1 Issue 3 ( Spring/Summer 2002 ) is now sitting in the Files Section.

This issue is packed full of great game goodness. There is a run down on the results of the Microgames Design Contest 2002 as well as the game that took First Place, Operation Whirlwind by Brain Train. Walt O'Hara checks in with some variants for The Illuminati as well as the solutions to last issue's WordFind. There is a double dose of Trevor Blake, an article on using coins for dice and a public domain chess rules. Devlyn Davis has a stinky game of dice for kids called Skunk. Of course there are this issue's installment of the Tech Deck, various words from yours truly as well as some graphical fun.

There are two version to choose from. The Print Ready version is all set to be sent to your printer; print odd pages on one side, even pages on the other..even without a duplex printer this is a snap. The Display Ready version is for viewing on your screen, that is the pages flow sequentially as opposed to the Print Ready printer ready sequence.

Either way they are there for you to read , enjoy. Issue 4 should be here by the end of December