Thursday, May 02, 2002

The Microgame Design Contest 2002 is a place for game developers to show off thier Iron Chef Game Design skills and for game players to judge the works.May 1st 2002 is the deadline for geame developers for entering games, and then the real fun starts...judging. Here is a list of the games you can playtest and judge. Deadline for judging is June 1st 2002.

BlitzCommander -A microgame representing Operational Level Warfare during World War 2 by J. Pardeck

Glider-Pit Gladiators 2002-A microgame of ancient aerial combat by Joe Scoleri

Harvest The Wind- A microgame of tactical combat in the 19th Century American West by David Allen

Leetown and Elkhorn Tavern- A microgame of the the Civil War battles in Leetown and Elkhorn Tavern Arkansas by James Acerra

Operation Whirlwind -A microgame of the situation in Budapest in November 1956 by Brian Train

Richthofen WWI Air Combat Car -by Michael Maners

Search Diver- Search Diver is a microgame involving dive planning and underwater search by David H. Allen

Steel And Crystal -A solo microgame of conquest in a fantasy land by Gottardo Zancani

WarpQuest -An abstract microgame system that depicts goal driven scenarios by Lloyd Krassner and the WarpSpawn Crew

WarpSkirmish -An abstract microgame system that utilizes a mix of board, card, dice and unit elements to create a system with chess-like strategy, fog-of-war uncertainty and module expandability by Lloyd Krassner and the WarpSpawn Crew

Way Of The Warrior-
A solo microgame system to simulate small tactical war operations by Gottardo Zancani