Monday, June 10, 2002

Updates Updates

Microgame Design Contest News

The deadline for judgng has been pushed back to Aug 15th 2002. The sheer amount of great games submitted has left more than a few judges needing more time to fully report on the games. So if you have not already, pick up one, some or all of the games at the MDC2002 Games Warehouse, play them, and write up a judges report to send in (send them to ). The reports can be as short (rate them by the numbers) or as verbose as you want, but everyone will help the game designers not only win prizes but tune up thier games to be even better.

Countermoves Zine News

The last issue (vol 2 iss 2) really took a lot of work to do up and so we have revamped our outlook for future issues. Rather then trying to put out WarandPeace sized issues we will work to put out more regular issues which will be easier for folks to print out and distribute.

Yes I got carried away with Issue 2, I admit it. I went color crazy and insert crazy and drove my wife crazy. Thankfully the voice of reason sat me down and told me what i need to do..that is focus on the goal of what the zine is supposed to be. It is supposed to be a way to get cool games to as many people as possible via a geurilla distribution system. Putting out big assed glossy looking affairs may be cool for the ego but horrible for the goal.

So we scale to realistic proportions and my wife stops glowering at me every time I talk about stappling centered evenings.