Monday, September 16, 2002

The Results of the Microgames Design Contest 2002

The contestant worked thier magic, the judges played the creations. Now we see just whose cusine will reign supreme....sorry too much Iron Chef.

Aside from honor and glory of doing a job well done the winners in each category as well as the #1 and #2 overall winners will be spotlighted in a special issue of Countermoves. All entries have the option of being publish in Countermoves.

First place overall gets first pick of any two prizes listed below. Second place overall gets the pick of one prize listed below.

Task Force Games Valkenburg Castle

Metagamings Artifact

Interplay #1

ButtonMen Vampires (Angel/Buddy)

US Patent Number 1

20 bucks

Countermoves #2 color printed version

Before we go any further I want to thank everyone who helped out in doing the MDC2002. I learnt a lot form it and hope the next one will be even better. I want to thank all those who entered games, they all are winners. I also want to thank those who sent in judge reports. I also want to thank my wife for not killing me during the contest.
From the time I started to plan it till now we have had a newborn son enter the house:)- It makes me want to do a Newborn Microgame..but not right now. is time.

In first place....Brian Train's Operation Whirlwind.

In second place...a three way tie

Joe Scoleri' Glider Pit Gladiator 2002

David Allen's Harvest the Wind

Gottardo Zancani's Steel and Crystal